Flangers… the infamous sound of a flanger is a cross between  fingers scraping on a chalk board blended with a wild ranging slow jet fueled roar to a wild experimental warbling swirl of guitar sonic madness.


A great Chorus is the sweet honey that you pour over a chord to just broaden ir spectrum of flavor. Slow and gooey or shimmering like a poor man’s Leslie. You can’t not have a decent chorus in your rack or on your board.


Overdrive…. the most coveted blend of saturation and power. When it’s right, it’s magical. Responsive to the player and the guitar. Unlike Distortion or Fuzz, Overdrive allows you to play soft with “beef” and hit it hard and heavy. The best Overdrives reflect the true tone of a guitar’s character and the emotions of the player.



Here come the “Fuzz”. Fuzz is probably one of the most debated effects. Some like it “creamy and some like ir “ripping”. Why just choose one?


Distortion… it’s not “Fuzz” and not “Overdrive”. It’s somewhere in between, yet there are quite a few to choose from depending on your style(s).


Guitar Compressors
Ah “Compression”… one of the most valuable tools in a true guitarist’s arsenal… when you know how and when to use them. From increasing the subtleties of the player’s styles to driving a solo over the top, to tightening up an overall sound, compression is a must in most situations.

Boost | Buffer

Boost Pedals GTRFX™

Boost pedals have been around for quite sometime. The secret to choosing the “Right Boost Pedal” depends on your styles, rig and your personal preferences. Some Boost|Buffer pedals border n the fence of being an “Overdrivey” instead of a clean pristine Boost. However, if you play relatively clean guitar through a clean rig you may want that little bit of breakup at times. Other times you want it to just give your metal rig a simple +6db for solos without additional color to your sound, or drive it harder.There are quite a few to choose from mass produced to boutique. It may take two or three to find the right one that fits “your sound”. We hope are information Vlog feeds help you make a decision.

Top 5 Boost Pedals
Fox Pedals Ebenezer